The day we became four.

It’s still hard for me to wrap my mind around having a one year old tomorrow (Sept 27) It feels like yesterday I saw the 2 pink lines while Andrew was at work and I waited for him to get home to tell him the GREAT news! I cried so many tears of joy that night! We had been praying for almost 2 years for God to bless us with another baby! When he arrived home I was in the middle of my quiet time and had him join me. I had wrote in his Bible by a verse, that baby number #2 is due! It’s crazy that has been more like 20 months ago!

A year ago from today we had our last doctor appointment. My due date was Oct 5. When we went to  our appointment she said she wouldn’t be surprised if she saw us tomorrow… Yea we heard that a few days prior because I was at a 3 for at least a week before she arrived. So I didn’t really think “tomorrow’ would be the day ha

Andrew had just had all his days off for that week and he kept joking that it would be great for me to go into labor at the beginning of his work week so he would have more days off… isn’t that most men haha So we went to bed and he was prepared to go to work the next morning. At around 2 am I started tossing and turning in my sleep. This wasn’t normal for me considering I normally (pregnant or not) get a pretty good nights sleep. After about 2 hours of tossing I was finally awake laying there realizing I was starting to feel pain. Which was also strange to me because with Brantley I never felt “real” contractions because I was put on pitocin after my water broke. So I didn’t feel the gradual going into labor with him. It was all the strong fake contractions and I stayed at a 1-2 cm for a good 9 hours! A whole different story this time! (I’ll have to write his story out since I never did…5 years later haha)  So around 4 am Brantley came in the room and crawled in bed next to me. It was such a surreal moment. This was the last time I would hold my baby before we brought his sister in the world. He laid there wide awake talking to me. At this time I had downloaded a contraction app on my phone and started timing them. They were about every 10 mins when I first started counting. Every time one would come it was just a little uncomfortable and Brantley could tell something was wrong. He kept asking,” What’s wrong Mommy.” “It’s going to be okay Mommy.” all while holding my hand. Andrew had to be up around 530 for work and once his alarm went off they were more around 6 minutes apart I would say. Brantley was still awake being the sweetest. Contractions were getting closer and stronger but I still knew we had time. Brantley asked, ” Is it baby day today!?” with the biggest smile on his face. He was so excited to become a BIG brother! When Andrew woke up I told him he probably shouldn’t go to work. He thought I was joking but clearly 6 minutes later he could see I wasn’t hah So his plan to get days off of work had went his way haha We got up and called our parents to tell them we thought today was the day.

We got out of bed and started gathering things together. Andrew jumped in the shower. Brantley ate powdered donuts. I began doing the dishes! haha I did not want to come home to dirty dishes in the sink! I filmed a lot of this (which I still need to put on my computer!) Brantley was so excited and I can still see the smile on his face. We decided to head to my mom’s house and wait there since it was 20 mins closer to where our hospital was. On the way to my mom’s the contractions become a lot stronger and within 4 minutes apart. I told Andrew we need to just drop Brantley off and head to the hospital. We walked Brantley inside and gave hugs and I shed a few tears. I didn’t know if I was ready to leave him to go see his sister. I was so nervous and was so used to just me, him and his dad for so long, was I ready for change?! Ready or not she was coming!! haha

We headed to the hospital, every 3 mins gripping the door handle and not talking while I concentrate to get through the pain! We reach the hospital 35 minutes later. We get checked in and taken up to Labor & Delivery. I requested the room with the bath because I wanted to labor in the tub. When we got there someone was already in it (but they already had their baby) so we first started in a small room to determine if we were going “to stay or not” the nurse said.. WE’RE STAYING I told Andrew. I was still around a 3-4 which was good considering Brantley’s 1 cm for 9 hours lol . I knew one thing I didn’t want to do was lay there and wait around (another thing they had me do with Brantley.. first time mom I had no clue and did everything the nurses said) this time around I knew I wanted to walk and move as much as possible. My mom and dad arrived within the hour. We then started walking halls. I texted my birth photographer and said it’s GO TIME! We walked for at least 2 hours. Contractions were STRONG and within 2 minutes apart. Every 2 minutes I would hold onto the wall or bend over to try to relieve some pressure. I saw my doctor while we were walking and I told her I refused to go home, and she said, “We’re having a baby today, don’t worry”. The nurse had me come back to the tiny room and lay down and check stats. This is when the pain really hit me. I laid there at least an hour and this is when I started to cry because the pain was so strong and all I could do was lay there and take it. I needed to get up and move or get into that bath.. Little did I know during that hour I was laying, they were in the process of moving the other new parents out of my room so I could get in the tub!

I told the nurse I had to get up and move and she said,”Well we are keeping you..” WELL DUH!! I thought lol Then said they were filling the bath tub up so when we get to the room I can jump on in. hah  She brought the wheelchair and asked if I was ready and I said YES and I’m walking. So I walked and stopped every few feet to bend over to relieve the pain. Once we finally reached the room, I “jumped” right in. My photographer arrived once we made it to the new room. The pain literally felt like it went away when I got in the bath. I was in heaven! I could go back to smiling and laughing with Andrew and my mom. I labored in there for about an hour and then I began feeling the pain stronger again. I needed them to check me and they said about a 6-7. About ten minutes later I felt so much pressure (stuff I never felt with Brantley. I got an epidural after 8 hours of labor and still didn’t deliver him for about another 16 hours when they said it was go time!) I told them I needed to push this baby out! The nurse said about a 7-8, and we needed to get to the bed so we were ready when it was time.




We hobbled my painful body to the bed and got put in my favorite position, NOT. The laying down was terrible and of course made it 10x worse again! I kept telling Andrew and my mom I needed an epidural. I didn’t care how far I had come, I needed it NOW. (Sorry Andrew and Mom for being mean lol) They gave me some sort of pain medicine and it felt amazing. I was able to rest and zone out the pain. But once they said I was getting closer to go time, I had to get taken off the medicine so it wouldn’t pass to baby. Once I heard that it was a mind game because whether I was still on the medicine or not, my pain level went from 8–100 in a second! Once again I NEEDED an epidural! It took them almost an hour to get the anesthesiologist to the room. Literally right after he put the epidural in, he began cleaning up  and here came my doctor putting on her gown. She looked at me and said,” You ready?” UHM no because my epidural has not kicked in yet! lol

10 minutes later we heard those first cries. (Brantley was 3 hours of pushing! )


Breelan Docia-Rose    September 27, 2017    2:25 pm                                              26239619_10215668976102464_7354145315407446396_n

6 lbs 3 oz

19 inches


Now it was time for Big Brother to meet his little sister! The photos Sadie Lane Photography captured just blew me away. The little 3 year old running down the hall with his smile (and tongue) on his face ready to meet his sister just brought me to tears!


His dad and him walked in the room and the look on his face was priceless. He was SO happy she was here! And SO happy to see his mommy.  You better believe I was so happy to see him too!


He climbed up on the bed with Breelan and I and gave her a gift (her “night night”) and he said, “Here baby sister is your night night” Then Dad went over and grabbed a bag for him and told him this was from his sister. He didn’t know what to think. His sister got him a present?!! He opened it up and it was a Rescue Bot, Boulder to be exact. (He loves rescue bots and he just started getting into them but he didn’t have any of the toys yet … now he has them all lol but anyways during my pregnancy he named me Boulder, and his sister Little Boulder. And he was Heatwave.) I thought Boulder would be perfect since that’s what he called his sister, like she knew he called him that ❤ He was SO excited that she got him Boulder!

Now that Big Brother got to meet and visit with Breelan, it was time for him to go get the Nanas and Papas. Brantley went and brought them back to the room. Everyone was head over heals for her.

24 hours later we were released and heading home!! WE ARE A FAMILY OF FOUR ❤


*The cutest thing, Brantley took his Boulder to school the next day and told his teacher that his sister got it for him. For the next few months he took that toy EVERYWHERE!! He was and is one PROUD BIG BROTHER!

Surprisingly he still wants her around! Most siblings I feel like would want to get rid of there little sister/brother, but every time we say we’re going to leave her at a Nana’s house he starts to have tears and says NO! I am so proud of him and the brother he is to Breelan ❤

Here is a photo from today (9.26.18) when they were playing together! 42611810_254253185160606_1954999203956523008_n

I planned on writing my birth story out every month that went by,… and now a year has gone by!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl. I love you so much.


10 months .. How ?

When we first had Brantley I thought time flew by, but man oh man, the second child is even faster!! Miss Breelan is 10 months old… (as of July 27, so she’s going on 11 months here soon) It’s so hard to believe almost a year has gone by. It’s been a fast one, but an amazing one for sure! We have made so many memories. I honestly can not imagine life without our tiny Breelan.


Every month I take the monthly photos. I never post them, but I do take them!! By the time I think about posting them, more months have gone by. At least I have them so I can put them in her baby book (when I start that… maybe before she graduates! lol)

In case you don’t know, my child is quite the lazy one. She has no desire to crawl, or stand, or put weight on her legs at all really. She loves to sit, sway (dance) back and forth to commercial music, clap, and shake her head no. Her newest trick this month is throwing her hands up like “ta da!”.

She celebrated her first 4th of July. She loved the fireworks. She danced and clapped the entire time. A few more firsts she had this month was staying the night away from mommy, daddy feeding her, and her first vacation. Staying the night away is a huge one! She has been EBF so it has been a struggle trying to get her to take a bottle. She’s slowly figuring it out, so we were able to leave her for a night. We both survived!! Since the bottle issue has been going on, Daddy has never been able to feed her until now. He was able to feed her for the first time during her photo session. Then at the end of this month she went on a quick trip to North Carolina. Her and her brother did so well in the car! She had a great time meeting more family members and exploring some mountains and water falls. So many memories she will not remember, but I will! Thank goodness for the camera, so I can show her all these photos when she is older.

Her stats this month are TINY still !!

14 lbs 8 oz

26.5 inches

(measurements taken by me, so might not be perfect)

She still can wear some of her 3/6 month clothes and finally more of her 6/9 months!








Well I have been putting so many things off , and writing in my blog is one of them! Last year at this time I wrote a post saying how it’s been a year since I had written a post! Well fast forward a year,… and yet again it’s been another year since my last post! I don’t want this to be just an annual blog where I write once a year haha It’s crazy how the time just gets away from you. I clearly never even wrote about last year’s Easter like I had mentioned I would. So I figured this year I will write about Easter 2018!! haha


Easter was actually a few weeks ago, but today we are gathering all the cousins together to do their Egg hunt! So I PROMISE I will be back to tell you how that goes!


PLUS!! I need to write SO much about Brantley and Breelan!! 2 kids now! Brantley is 4.5 years and Breelan is 7 months, so we have a lot of catching up to do.

Who else feels like life is just flying by?!

I will be back to write SOON!

Love.Every.Moment. *even when it flies by!*



The clock never stops ticking.

I can not believe it’s been almost a year since my last blog! I always would say,” Tomorrow I’ll get to it, or next week.”.. and now it’s been a year!

So much has changed in a year, and so many exciting events are happening! First of all, Last October I began a new journey in my career. I am now a LuLaRoe Fashion Consultant. In case you haven’t heard of the company, it is a clothing company that makes unique, fashionable, & oh SO comfortable clothing from sizes xxs-3xl! It was a leap of faith but I am so happy I took the step. I started with 315 pieces of clothing in my inventory, and now I have 700+ pieces! I have online sales along with in-home, which means I take ALL my clothes to ladies’ homes (a lot of work, but SO much fun!) This is just one exciting event in my life!

We are officially going to be a family of four this October!! We decided to start trying for an addition 2 years or so ago. There was a lot of discouragement, but so much praying and understanding that God’s timing is perfect, even if that meant no more children at all. I had accepted that we were not in control, and to give it to God. This February we found out that God’s timing is now! He has blessed us with another bundle of joy. Little Miss is due October 5, you heard that right, MISS!! She’s already wrapped around daddy’s finger ❤ We did the blood test at 10 weeks and found out 7 days later that we are having a baby girl. We are SO excited! I am now 15 1/2 weeks and the time has flown by. I had planned on updating more often, but I have been sick most this pregnancy. Now that I’m finally feeling better, I plan to do more updates and record exciting moments.

This pregnancy so far:

Like I said I have been nauseous sick most of the time but finally feeling better. Brantley still isn’t too sure about having to share toys and such with his baby sister. Ever since our first ultrasound he calls the baby, “Monster”. Lately he has said things like “I love baby sister” and, “I play paw patrollers with baby sister”. So he’s slowly getting excited I think! I also feel like he is realizing that he won’t be the only kid in the house. EVERY night he tries to sleep either with me, or on the floor on his layaway bed (fold out couch, that I always called layaway when I was little). I guess he is taking after me though, I slept on my layaway bed next to my parent’s bed probably WAY longer then I should have!! Right now I am just trying to treasure every moment I can with my not so little baby boy! Time flies by way too fast.

Today is Easter, so Happy EASTER!! I will make an Easter post this week! I hope everyone has a blessed night ❤


breelanannouncement1 (1 of 1)

Love every moment



week 21

We had such beautiful weather for Memorial day weekend!  We spent our evenings at the campground where we sat around a fire, roasted smores, and watched “fire booms” (fireworks ) We spent our Sunday at my parents house for a cook out and some water fun.  My brother and Lyndsay were home for the weekend, so it was nice to visit with them and Kaci!  The kids had a blast running through the sprinkler, swinging, and swimming!  It still and will always amaze me how fast these kiddos are growing up!

I recently purchased a mini polaroid camera and I am in love with it!  It’s so much fun taking the photo and having a copy of it right then.  I definitely recommend it!  waterfunwaterfun6waterfun7waterfun4waterfun3waterfun8


love every moment


week 20

The weather was beyond perfect this last week.  We spent most our days outside doing yard work, sitting on the porch with popcicles, and working in the garden.  I love being able to not only watch Brantley grow through the photos I take, but also to see the huge bond he has with his father!  He looks up to him for everything and truly wants to be just like his dad.  I’m learning to enjoy the little and big moments, capture photos when I can, write down memories in diaries, and to smile more than anything!  Life is way too short!

Today’s church service was a great one!  We are blessed by God to be blessings for others.  So whenever you get the chance, try to reach out to someone and bless them with what God has blessed you with!  He wants to work through us to reach out to others ❤  Genesis 12 is a great read when you get the chance.  Have a blessed evening!






Week 19 favorites

We have been spending most our free time outside on these nice days.  Brantley got a bike not too long ago and he’s slowly figuring out how to ride it.  He knows that he has to wear his helmet “hat” or he can’t ride the bike.  Also this week I’ve been photographing different flowers and landscaping around our home.  I like to remember and document the little details.  I made mason jars full of flowers I picked from our backyard.  While I was photographing my jars, a butterfly decided to join us.  Go outside and take advantage of this weather, I know I plan to!




weeks 15-18

So behind with all my posts, so I’m going to post a few photos to catch you all up!

“ball game”  <— Brantley says this all the time now!
Tball girl
He enjoyed yelling at the kids, and the ball! 
slumber party fun!
“gotta bubble machine”  

Brantley’s vocabulary and sentences have grown tremendously!  Of course there are some words that he says that I understand but others wouldn’t, but for the most part his words are pretty clear.  Some new phrases he’s started saying are “go to drew’s ball game mom,”  The Tball game is actually Addie’s, but he calls her Drew most of the time, and when I correct him he says Addie, then goes back to Drew!  While we were at the game he would yell at the kids and especially the ball.  He kept yelling, “go ball go!”.  The Tball game was quite comical!  Last week Addie got the game ball, and I couldn’t be more proud of her.  She’s worked so hard!

We also had Addie over a few weeks ago for a sleepover to celebrate her birthday.  We enjoyed our time jumping in the bouncy house, a walk to the park, and a movie and popcorn.  The kids had a great time, and so did Andrew and I.  Brantley was so excited to wake up in the morning to see that Addie was still at our house!

A new obsession of Brantley’s lately has been bubbles.  So we purchased a bubble machine, and that has definitely kept him entertained for awhile.  Most days that we go outside he says,”Mom, bubble machine!”.bubbles1bubbles5

We also got our garden planted, and I sure hope we get some edible fruits and veggies out of it!  We’ve all contributed some hard work into it, and still working on keeping weeds down, etc.  Brantley loves helping water (now we have a sprinkler) and he loves to play in the dirt, typical boy!


So relieved I finally caught myself up!  I’m sure it won’t be the last time I get behind.  I guess it’s reality when life gets kind of crazy and you lose track of time.  But no matter what, love every moment!


week 14 favorites

It’s hard to believe some of these photos were taken in the last 7 days, considering it’s snowing outside right now.  Yes, snow, in April!  That’s Indiana for ya!  We just stayed around the house this week.  Which is normal for us.  We did go to Andrew’s cousin’s Eagle Scout ceremony and I took pictures for him.  After the ceremony Brantley and his cousins had a blast together!   Brantley’s garden is starting to grow, and it’s so fun watching him get excited to go check his dirt!  He always says, “food in dirt” & “Mommy water dirt”.  Other then that he is being a comedian like normal.  He’s always making us laugh and that’s one thing that I pray, that he never loses his sense of humor!  The weather is supposed to be warming up soon, so fingers crossed we can get back to doing more outdoor activities, and be able to turn off the heater!

92/366  learning to drink from the water hose, thanks to dad!
93/366  went to feed Rory, and he did not want to come back in
94/366  he tries to be a comedian
95/366 I said,… comedian haha
96/366   “food in dirt,..water dirt”  as Brantley would say!
97/366  while I’m cooking dinner I overhear them playing ❤
98/366  cousins



week 13 favorites

Easter was such a great time with family.  The weather was great (was nervous at first because they were calling for rain) but it ended up being so perfect!  We celebrated Easter at our home in Winamac.  We ate a bunch of food, hunted Easter eggs, attacked a pinata, played basketball, and enjoyed each others company on the porch.  So of course my favorite photos came from this day!

easter15' (13 of 90)
  85/366 the girls
easter15' (18 of 90)
86/366  when did they get so big?
easter15' (23 of 90)
  87/366 my FAVORITE nephew 😉
easter15' (26 of 90)
 88/366 swinnnnggg!!
easter15' (37 of 90)
  89/366 He is an expert egg hunter
easter15' (54 of 90)
90/366 pinata fun


91/366  The grandparents!


I took SO many photos that day, but these are just a few of my favorites.  I love getting family together at our house and spending the day together!  Don’t miss out on your family, time goes way too fast!  It’s still hard to believe this was Brantley’s 3rd Easter!!